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About Us

Our Story

The iHarmoni story began in early 2020, when two seasoned real estate financing professionals, David Libman and John Clark, teamed up to create a new kind of CRE finance company that would combine modern technology with real-world human expertise. After successful real estate careers that spanned 20 years and more than $1 bn in closed transactions, they shared a vision and passion to build a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) national loan auction marketplace.  
David and John scrutinized every aspect of the traditional old-fashioned loan process that hasn’t changed since dinosaurs roamed. They identified core problems and rebuilt the process for the 21st century. 
iHarmoni was born. 
At iHarmoni we believe that the intelligent adaptation of technology to real estate financing can help borrowers, brokers, and lenders achieve more with less hassle. We believe that given the right tools and information, you can manage your property financing better than anyone else.
We know iHarmoni and it’s loan auction marketplace are new and different. So was buying books online, hailing a taxi with an app, and finding someone to love on your mobile phone. 
At the end of day, business is a means to enjoy life with the ones we care about and love. That’s what drives us each and every day. Don’t fear our technology. Use our ingenuity to help you accomplish more in less time so you can focus on what really matters. 

Meet Our Founders


John Clark

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