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Affiliate Referral Program

Make money while you sleep by letting real estate investors know they can get financing on iHarmoni. 

Every time someone you referred to iHarmoni closes a loan, iHarmoni will pay you a 10% referral fee. Not just once, but for every loan they close during a 3 year period. In addition, you'll get paid when the investors you refer introduce other real estate investors to iHarmoni.   

Take advantage of iHarmoni's hyper-reward referral program. This is your opportunity to make money from mere introductions. Everyone wins. Your investor network gets their properties financed, you get paid, and iHarmoni closes another loan.  

Simply register below and we'll provide you a unique referral code that you're investors can use when they fill out an application.   

If you don't want to use a code, then email and phone us to make an introduction. We'll take it from there. Contact us to learn more.

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