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Mortgage Brokers

Close more deals using iHarmoni’s technology platform and loan auction marketplace. Stop creating presentations, shopping around to lenders, and wasting hours coordinating communications between lenders and your client. As a representative of your client, you can setup a loan auction on our platform and work together with iHarmoni's team to get the deal funded. Work smarter, not harder by creating an iHarmoni loan auction.

Your Own Loan Portal

We’ll provide you with a loan auction portal to manage all your deals on iHarmoni. From your dashboard you’ll be able to view loan profiles, review lender bids, and manage diligence as you progress to a closing and funding. 

iHarmoni Loan Portal Broker.PNG

Nationwide Access to Lenders

No one knows everyone, but when you partner with iHarmoni you gain access to our technology and AI algorithms. Within seconds our AI evaluates, scores, and matches every deal to lenders in our national network.

iHarmoni US Map.PNG

Opportunity Funds

Bridge Lenders

Credit Unions

Private Lenders

Commercial Lenders

Alternative Lenders

Hard Money

Construction Lenders

A Private & Secure Website for All Your Deals

Get a private and secure website for each of your clients. Choose to share it with your clients and lenders. You can control access simply and easily with a single password.

iHarmoni Secure Login.PNG

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with iHarmoni


You manage your own client relationships


Access a nationwide network of lenders


Gain competitive advantage


You're always protected with everything in writing


Close more deals in less time


Always know you get the best terms


No software to purchase or install.


Risk free and no cost to you


Provide better service to your clients


Gain efficiency through our technology

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