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What if there was a better way to refinance your investment property?

Always get the best terms with an iHarmoni loan auction. Set up takes less than 10 minutes. 

$100,000 min. No obligations. 

Real benefits for real estate investors

Better Terms

When lenders compete, you win. With 100s of lenders competing at the same time, you'll actually know you have the best terms possible for the refinance of your investment property.


Human Touch

Get the best of both worlds. Modern technology combined with real world human expertise. We'll pair you with a personal loan auction advisor that will stay by your side until your refinance loan is funded.

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Less Stress 

Never again worry about finding the right lender or broker to trust. With iHarmoni you can sit back, relax, and watch lenders battle over your loan refinance. Our DIY process means you're always in control.


Built for You

We're passionate about real estate just like you. iHarmoni exists to make it easier to find a loan so you can focus on what truly matters - finding the next great property investment and falling in love all over again.

Why We're Better


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From your couch

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Simple DIY tools keep you in control

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Innovative loan auction marketplace 

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Always know you got the best terms

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Risk free without obligations

Before iHarmoni

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Not from your couch

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Confusing & frustrating process 

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Same old, same way

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Never know if you got the best terms

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No one to trust or rely on

iHarmoni's technology and human expertise give you the power to find a great loan for every investment.

" I wasn't sure what would happen, but we got our loan funded at great terms in a few days. The whole process was simple and worked as they said it would."

Adam McDermott, Kansas City, MO, January 2020


Always get the best terms

for your real estate investment loan


For the investor who needs a short term loan to purchase or refinance an existing property for resale or bridge to long term financing.

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