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Let the

banks compete 

for your

home loan

Get the best loan terms with a real-time auction where banks bid for your home loan. Set up a HARMONI auction in less than 5 minutes.

Get Started

Setting up your HARMONI auction is free and your personal information is always secure.

How we're changing

the game

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You're in control

Rest easy and save time,money, and hassle. A HARMONI loan auction puts you in control of your loan. 

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You choose

You can review and choose amongst several offers or decide not to accept any offers. 

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You win

There's no pressure. Maximum competition and transparency.

Set up an auction
Watch lenders battle
Choose who wins
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How HARMONI works

Real lenders bidding in real time for your loan.

Some of our recently completed auctions

interior 1.jpg
2,125,000    3.65%   25 Year   Jerusalem
interior 4.jpg
1,756,000    3.58%   10 Year   Haifa
interior 2.jpg
3,850,000    3.35%   10 Year   Netanya
interior 3.jpg
2,350,000    4.15%   20 Year   Beer Sheva
home with ocean.jpeg
3,425,000    4.35%   20 Year   Bat Yam
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